Catherine Bailey

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Dinos Don’t Do Yoga
By Catherine Bailey
Illustrated by Alex Willmore
Sounds True, 2020

ISBN-10: 168364414X
ISBN-13: 978-1683644149
A fun-filled dinosaur story with timely themes about kindness, friendship, and being able to see past our differences.

Meet Rex, the talon-tearing tough leader of a Cretaceous crew that loves to feed, feud, and fight! All is well in their rough-and-tumble world until someone new comes to town: a yoga-loving dino named Sam. Rex disapproves of his yoga pants, the “silly” chants, and frankly anyone who prefers tree pose to tussling.

But how will Rex react when his surly, burly buddies want to try something new? And what is the real reason Rex rejects this new dinosaur?

Kids will delight in this chomping, stomping showdown between the muscle-bound and the mellow, as Rex learns what true toughness looks like. With humor and heart, Dinos Don’t Do Yoga reveals the strength of kindness and friendship over bullying and fear.

Catherine Bailey

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